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Double-layer Chinese Lantern

     This design is provided by Mr. Allen Lan of the American West Vancouver Chinese School at Vancouver, Washington (USA).   It is a two-layer design.   The middle of the lantern is a cylinder where you can add pictures or lucky sayings.   Click here for the pattern, print it out and follow the instructions below to make the lantern.

The Chinese characters above line P, read from left to right,  mean "Happy New Year".  The large characters on the lower portion of the design mean "Success Follows the Arrival of the Horse".
Fig. 1
Fig. 2
Fig. 3

Fig. 4

     How to make a double-layer Chinese lantern:
     1. Cut out the shaded area A and B as shown in Fig. 1.  Then cut the remaining piece into two along line W.  When you are done with the cutting, the lower portion should be a little bit wider than the upper portion.
     2. Take the upper portion, fold in and make a crease along line P and Q.  (Fig. 2)
     3. Open the upper portion and fold it in half as shown in Fig. 3.  Then cut along the dotted lines up to line P.
     4. Unfold the upper portion and lay it on top of the lower portion.  Glue the upper portion to the lower portion at the top and bottom 1" area.  Make sure that side A and side B are lined up together.  Paste E to G and F to H. (Fig. 4)  Do not glue the middle parts together.
     5. Make the whole piece into a cylinder by gluing the "left-over" part of the lower portion (side C) to side A.
     6. Glue piece A or piece B from (1) to the lantern as the hanging loop.

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