Here is how to send us your tangram puzzle , invention, or prediction for Year 3000:

    You may email the pictures or message to us at   Use a nickname if you like.   If you are younger than age 13, you'll need parents' permission to include your real name and address in your email or correspondence with us.   Please have your parent email us their permission before you send in your information.

     For invention puzzles, please send graphics and a 60-word description.  The drawing and description should be simple enough for an average 10-year-old child to understand.

     If you choose to send the submission by mail, please include the following:
On a 8.5x11" white paper draw a picture showing an invention or tangram puzzle created by you or your family. Please include a 60-word description if it's an invention;
It's not necessary to send us your name and address. But you may use a nickname and tell us which country you're from.
Send them to the address listed below: (Invention Puzzles)
3112 SE 172nd Ave
Vancouver, WA 98683