Tie-Dye Graphics

    If you have a scanner, you may scan a piece of cloth or napkin and use it as a background for bookmarks or greeting cards.   Save your scanned file in the .bmp (bitmap) format so that most painting software can open it. (Your scanner's manual should have instructions about this.)  The following is a scanned picture of a piece of cloth:

Tie Dye Graphic

    To make a bookmark with the above graphic, follow these steps:
    1) Use your painting program to open the graphic file which you have saved.  Then click on the "-" (minimize) button on your screen's upper right corner to reduce the picture for the moment.
    2) Without leaving the painting program, open a clip art program and select the picture you want to
put on the first graphic.
    3) Use your mouse to select an area from the clip art picture.   From the toolbar, select "Edit" then "Copy" to copy the selected part.
    4) Click on the reduced picture's maximize button (the square one next to the minimize button) and return it to its normal size.  Now, from the toolbar, select "Edit" then "Paste".  The selected clip art is added to the first picture.
Click here for an example.

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