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Year 3000 Predictions - 2

Our visitors said:

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 "By the year 3000, the human body will be implanted with trillions of microscopic nano-bots. These nano-bots will preform many tasks for the human body. The nano-bots will rapidly kill any invading bacteria (and be able to distinguish between harmful and beneficial bacteria) and viruses. There would be no more colds, flu, stomach flu, etc., because the nano-bots would already destroy the viruses and bacteria before they could harm our bodies. The nano-bots could correct irregular heartbeats, by attaching to the cardiac muscle cells within the heart and regulating their contractions. The nano-bots would also be able to communicate with each other to better accomplish certain tasks. The nano-bots would be able to rapidly repair broken bones, blindness, certain wounds, and internal bleeding. They could even cure hair loss by attaching to dead hair follicles and repairing them. Using microscopic nano technology the nano-bots would be able to accomplish many tasks within the human body, making our lives better, longer, and healthier!" ---- Zach

"The Earchip is implanted in a human’s ear at birth. It is as small as a single grain of sand, but holds a vast amount of technology using nano. Its
features are accessible by a remote the size of your hand. The Earchip’s functions are:
InstaMusic- listen to any music any time
Teach- teach any subject in school
Cell- able to use as a cell phone
Tracker- able to track lost children easily
Updates- you can choose a list of things to update on
Health- cures easy sickness instantly
Recharge- puts human to a 8 hour sleep in just 5 minutes
Iris- changes color of eyes
Muscle- shakes your muscles for instant movement and growth
HearingAid- for those who are deaf
Calendar- programs your birthdays, holidays, meetings
EvenTracker- plans your events daily
Alarm- wakes you when you want
As you can see, the Earchip is very convenient. The remote is as small as your hand, so it can virtually fit anywhere." ---- Robert

Chips in Your Brain
 "I believe that by the year 3000, humans will have implanted a chip in their brains at the moment of birth. With that chip, everyone will be followed by GPS satellites, and it will be used as a credit device so nobody needs to carry money or credit/debit cards or checks in their pockets. That chip will also make possible non-verbal communications allowing what we konw as telepathy, so there will be no need to use a cellular or mobile phone either, and all humans will be able to communicate no matter how far is the other party." ---- MIUTHICO

6-Strand DNA  
 "I think that man will evolve into a 6th strand rather than the 2 strand that we have now, the 6th strand being with a soul matrix, a superhuman hybrid so intelligent he/she will take control of the universe around our galaxy, just like you see in the movies' photogeneticology (photo-genetic-ology), i.e.: images of what's to come.  Many will never see it; many will live it,  Many will have the chance to be cloned, and have the brain programmed downloaded into the chip in part of the brain.  The Year 3000 will be ready for being chip bar-coded." ----Uk Alien Hunter

Love in Life
 "Live forever with my family, all of them always in good health.  See my grand daughters grow up and grandsons and their children and so on.  More energy saving homes to live in; no more crime; no one killing or stealng.  Just to see more love in life." ---- Karen

"By the year 3000 humans will have 90% of the AI (Artificial Intelligence) body parts who will be as as smart as 'Cyborg' or 'Droids'.  This succeeding new race will replace the natural humans and rule the planet.  They will be better adapted to almost any living conditions.   No need of food as every one will be powered by 'Smart Energy' .  No hunger, no greed, no vegetarian, no non-vegetarian but all 'Electroterian'.  They all will live in one colony,  Peace finally." ----PRADEEP

Brain Decoder
 "The computers will be so sophisticated that it will read our minds that what we are thinking to do, we don't have to type any things.   (The computers will read our brain signals)  We will have computers which will decode data from the brain before the person dies, so that when the person dies the knowledge he is holding will not be dead.  The computer screen will be as thin as the polythin paper hat any one can fold it like paper and carry in his pocket.   Whenever he/she wants to use it just put the paper flat and it will switch on.   It will not require batteries as it will be powered by micro batteries which will be made by using nano technology." ---- Venu

Robots Doing All the Work!
 "I think that by the year 3000, robots will take over.   They will be so smart that they will take over all human jobs and we won't have to work anymore.  Robots will have all 5 senses and a microchip that makes them never be able to revolt against humans.  We will not have any jobs and not have to pay for anything in exchange for one's labor because there will be no labor.  The first one of these robots built will create another.  Then both of them will create one, and so on.  We will have all of the fun, and the robots won't mind doing all of the work." ---- Rabid Weasle

Traveling as Photons
 "People can manipulate their genes.  Give rise to babies in labs rather than in an embryo.  One can choose from the assortment of genes to have a child with most desired traits…… People communicating in the same language not by talking but simply by thought.  Earth diseases will be conquered and the new diseases that will arise will stem out from colonized planets.  With money or power, one can extend his or her lifespan to almost infinity.  A person can be transported to a place anywhere on earth in seconds and even to outer space.  The key here is that men will be able to convert our bodies into photons that will do the traveling and will reassemble at point of destination to take again its human form.  If the world doesn't blow itself up from nuclear war, I can see humankind progressing to this stage and even further when alien contact will finally be established and a federation will be set up!" ---- June from Amsterdam

Human Evolution Speeding up
 "It will be as different to us as we view the world 1000 years ago.   One fact will remain, humans like always will have differences.   WAR will still be in lifes of some individuals though most will live in a United Country.  I think for the most part it will be an American world.  Space flight will be perfected and Humans will have learned of other civilizations on other worlds.  The Moon, Mars, and other various satellites of our Solar System will be inhabited.  They will have their own forms of government and will grow tired of Earth control and will do what humans always do and declare Freedom.  War will follow.  Millions will die. Human evolution will start to speed up once we live on other planets.  Once you have species separation you start to have a greater diversity.  1000 years is not enough time for much though. Sickness will be a thing of the past and some will live forever (Government will decide who these people are).  There will still be suffering, pain and death for the average human (you and me), probably less than now.  Energy will be abundant and very cheap because cold fusion will have been accomplished.  We will accomplish many great things as a race and will answer many questions we cannot at this time.  We will even answer questions we have not thought to ask yet.  We will still speak English but it will be different.  New languages will also arise even in America." ---- JAK

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