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Year 3000 Predictions - 3

Our visitors said:

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The United Earth
 "I would hope to think by the year 3000 Prejudices and Fears are overcome by wisdom.  Where a Man is not judged by the color of his skin but by his character.  I would also like to see all nations come together in one common goal.  No more individual countries, instead it should be one common interest and its name would be the United Earth and not the United States." ---- ajay

Diplomatic Ties with Other Planets
 "Our world is at peace, the last great war occurring in the year 2170.  Rogue states, attempting to initiate war between the great superpowers, were finally beaten after millions died of nuclear fallout.  The superpowers finally realized that war, armies, and weapons were a death sentence and disbanded them all.  Over the next several hundred years, everyone worked together and space travel was perfected.  Millions of people are now living on Mars, Venus, and on Moonbase Alan Shepard.  These citizens are from all over the Earth.  After establishing formal diplomatic ties with the Planet Soris, Sorinians are moving to Venus in droves, thanks to the Terra-Forming project of the United States, Russia, and China.  Vearthans, as the Earth inhabitants of Venus are now called, are somewhat annoyed at the influx of the immigrants and have banded together to limit the movement.  In the meantime, the Planets Phelin, Coran, and Zeltthra have all sent diplomats to earth to establish formal ties with our world.  The Coranians wish to build their embassy in Vermont, because they love cool weather and mountain ranges, such as their own world.  Phelinians on the other hand, will request an embassy site in the desert of Sahara.  The average daily planet on Phelin is 117 degrees." ---- The Future Eye

A Very Different World
 "The way I portray our world during the next 1000 yrs. is we have perfected light-speed travel.  Cloning is now illegal, cancer does not exist and the biggest world threat is the war to save the human race.  The continents have split and North America is now connected to Australia.  Due to the land shifting, Mount Kilaminjaro is now twice the size of Everest.  Titanium is now on the middle of the hardness scale and has been replaced by a metal found miles underground.  Teleporting is now the way of traveling.  The greatest scientific goal has been achieved ... ... ... ...  The Atom has been split!!!  And in a 100 yrs. from then, a gigantic asteroid the size of Africa is on a collision course to Earth.  But not to worry.   Tiny high powered micro light are aimed at the rock and the lights begin to break down the asteroid.  This may not all be true ,but that's how I see it in 1000 years!!!" ---- Hunter D.

Realizing Our Natural Psychic Abilities
 "I believe that leading up to the year 3,000…in 2012, our perception of time will split so that we perceive different timelines at once.  By what would be the year 3,000, we'll perceive many many different versions of the year 3,000 on earth all at once, and also be more aware of our natural psychic abilities, and made of an energy that hasn't been discovered yet, the kind our souls are made of.  We'll realize we manifested this world collectively with our minds.  We'll be able to change things into anything we want, and since we will exist on many timelines, we can do it without affecting anyone else's reality.  We'll be able to create our own physical experiences to incarnate as where we set the rules of the experience by our imagination.  We'll be able to do things like teleport to anywhere in the universe using our minds because we'll know our minds are what created the world we see."----Brian

Leisure Only!
 "In the year 3000, there will be no more doctors.  Instead, gigantic hospital-like warehouses with ultra high - tech robots will provide hundreds of thousands of patients with medical intervention at any given moment all around the globe.  Humans will lie down in "smart" capsules, and cutting into the flesh and surgery will no longer be required.  We will live to 400 years old, and body organs and cell tissue will be replaced regularly.  We will tap endless energy from the ocean by a method called "fusion" whereby atoms will be smashed together.  Although most of our natural resources will be depleted of, we will have access to free energy, so that all communication, food, and transportation will be cost-free. Consequently, man will no longer have to work.  We will spend all our lives with leisure time. The main issue will be HOW TO SPEND THAT LEISURE TIME." ---- David

Shrinking is the Answer
 "I believe that during the next 1000 years, human will get around the irreversible resource depletion by shrinking the population, so that everyone is just about 4 inches tall, on the concept on Honey I Shrunk the Kids.  This will be a gradual process, but when it happens, it would be like enlarging the world to fit more people.  Also, a majority of spaceships would have astronomical prices, but If they build a working miniature and shrink into it and have a ship at a fraction of the price. Also there would be no famine or poverty as there would be a great surplus as animals retake the surface.  Shrinking of atoms is more than theoretical.  In 1000 years, we could live in cities, which are about the size of your back garden!" ---- Chris

Far Beyond
 "In the year 3000 guaranteed everything is machine run as we are already very dependent upon the existing technology.  Just think how your life would be today if the electricity was turned off.  Also we should have conquered space travel, as we will have the ability to travel to the distant corners of the universe with ease.  Racism against humans will be non-existent as mixes will be a common occurrence.  For all those out there that feel we will just have flying cars and such - just think how far humans have come since 1003." ---- David

A Crowded Mars
 "I think that there will be robots and aliens sharing our earth with us and that there will be 100 000 000 000 000 people but they will live on Mars and the moon." ---- Christian

Clone Army!
 "I think that in the year 3000 we would have lightsabers and that we are able to create a clone army out of one person and we would have growth acceleration so that people can grow half of a lifetime.  Now that would be cool." --- Lino

We Will Adapt to the Changes
 "By the year 3000 I hope there will be a cure for cancer. I envisage a world of which most of its natural resources have been used up; I also think the world climate will soar but we will adapt and cope to live in a mess we have made.  I see space travel to planets close to us and the energy we use to get by will be almost totally efficient and renewable.  In a dream world our brains would adapt in a way that we can read as fast as Johnny 5!, and we can store data like a super computer.  Oh…and of course, we would all get a pro footballers wage and have a house like those shown on cribs." ---- Mr. Bolwell

A New Habitat?
 "I would like to see us living in Mars."----Bornkings

Super Helmets
 "I would like to see people go to Mars. And mabye a computer that has a helmet with wires coming out of the top going into the computer, when you put it on your head you just think of what you want to do or write." ---- Kit

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