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Year 3000 Predictions - 4

Our visitors said:

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Star Trek?
 "I assume the world would be a better place to live in...we would develop over the years technology that could bring us to places where we've never been before. We might bump into different life along the way and they just might guide humans to the proper direction to a proper civiliation. I'm thinking more about Star Trek because this show shows how humans would basically go around in their star ships and seek new life and new civilizations. The truth is out there and I assume in the year 3000 or maybe earlier we would develop something that could change everyone's life forever. Maybe our children would be able to experience this." ---- john

Flying Boogie Boards
 "I think a great invention for 3000 (or even in 2000) would be a vehical that looks like a boogie board but with an engine and seat belts and foot pedals (to control it) and a steering wheel in it so you'd fly around on this up-in-the-air boogie-boardish thing...." ---- Inventor

It's Hands-Free!
 "I think the year 3000 will be COOL and lots of things will come good to us, and everything would be Voice Activated(LOL) and everything we see comes to us like if you wanted a pop it would pop up..." ---- Mario

Mini Cars
 " I hope in the Year 3000 we will have made mini cars that kids could drive around on the roads with air bags, CD players, electric windows, remote control seats and can reach 120 miles an hour." ---- TEZ

No Racism
 "My Grandma says there will be no racism because there will be such a mixing and mingling of races in the next thousand years that human will have same single race. But she says by then ... humans will have aliens to be racist about..." ---- Franmary

Bubbled Domed Cities
 " I think people living in bubble domed cities to protect them from the harsh climate conditions outside of them and to see them hanging out in simulated environments for recreational activities would be really cool.  That way people could do winter activities like skiing, ice skating, or snowshoe walking during the hot summer months, May through September.  Also, people will be living in underwater cities, bubble shaped homes, traveling in sea vehicles, the farming of the oceans, will be a common sight everywhere.  Hopefully, all the planets, and their moons will have been colonized by then.  People would be mining the asteroid belt for the construction of space cities.  Another cool sight would be to see people living in communities, or even cities hovering above land. They would transport to other parts of the country for a change of scenery."----Roberto

No More Grounding
 "What I would like to see is some people with at least a respective view of us kids and let it be a law against grounding kids and I want a bag that could make us fly and also pipes that go all around the world and are very quick to travel in."---- Ben

Discover Another Livable Planet
 "I think the world will be a little more peaceful and there will be cures for all kinds of diseases, a little less violence, not as many conflicts, and hopefully we would have discovered and explored another planet like ours where we can also live."----katiebug

No More Wars
 "I hope that there will not be anymore wars around the world so that our world would stay in peace."----Dalal

Realistic Movie
 "I wish in year 3000 we can watch realistic 3D movies. What I mean is that movie characters are so real that you feel you are part of a movie. (Like the movie Last Action Hero). Also realist climate control. If there is a Fire in the Movie you feel warm. If some one walking over the Snow, you feel cold." ----uditha

Flying Backpack
 "What I would like to have is a backpack that can make you fly to school.  I am 11 years old and I don't have an imagination like a kid or toddler anymore.  I think that the price should be about $100.  My mom came up with the subject of a flying backpack!!"----Arielle L.

Peace & Harmony
 "In the year 3000 I think all racial prejudice and sexism will be gone.  This will be proved by a female Asian president.  Everyone will live in peace and harmony and everyone will wear white as a sign of equality and unity.  Molecular engineering will replace microchips and humans will use their brain better (telepathy etc.).  There will be no flying cars or other stereotypical futuristic stuff but people will walk from place to place.  There will be no new food but people will eat healthily; students will study sciences and spirituality.  Finally the prospects of time travel will be closer as well as space travel already completed with man missions to Europa and Titan." ----KindredSpirit

Peace on Earth
 "I think in the Year 3000 there will be no more poverty on earth and everybody including all races and religions will live together in peace and harmony. I also believe there will be no more wars and fighting. Also we will have space "cars" to travel around our galaxy just like we travel around earth today."----Praveen S

 "I would like to see 'Smell-a-vision'...so that I can smell what those guys are cooking on TV."----GM 

Instant Delivery!
 "I believe that there will be a machine that delivers products that you order by phone or Internet in an instant once your credit card is approved of course."----AJ

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