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Year 3000 Predictions - 5

Our visitors said:

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New Year Wishes
 "I hope that no one has cold hearts to take others' lives of people, animals and plants. Also I hope there will be new improved non-dangerous transport."----beionce

Good 3000
 "I hope there will be no drugs or bad things happen and let the world live peaceful and fun." ---- Casey

Reach the Unreachable
 "To have space shuttles that go way faster so we could find out things about space that are out of our reach right at this time. My teacher thinks we will be lucky to make it to the year 3000." ---- dusty

New transportation?
 "I think everyone will have a spaceship." ---- chad

No more farmland?
 "I think with all the building of houses and commercial property there won't be any land left to grow our own food. So everything will be grown indoors at food factory's. I also think that we will have to put a limit on how many children you can have." ---- B.G.M.

Incredible Food Wrappers
 "I think in the year 3000 there will be candy that would grow on trees, and food wrappers that would turn into McDonald's food items when put into an instant microwave. There would be the world's smallest camera that is as small as a centimeter." ---- Shelby

Our brain counts the most!
 "I think in the year 3000 we will come to realize that the best thing we got is our brains and that we shouldn't have to be dependent of machines." ---- thinking only for our best

Free Soda
 "I think in the year 3000 instead of water fountains there will be 10 (min.) buttons to press for soda. There will be video games you can transform into the TV. Cars will fly. There will be no common cold, and there will be a cure for everything." ---- smart1

We'll be able to visit the dinosaurs!
 "The contractors will make smart housing for the people who wants smart housing. The earth would be cleaner then it is right now. Someone would invent a time machine that would allow us to go back from the day they were born or from the day dinosaurs were alive. That's what I think would happen in the year 3000."----Diego

Clean-Up Robots
 "I wish there were robots that will clean up after you and make your food clean up the environment."----Victoria

A school without teachers
 "I think that in the year 3000 we will have no need for teachers. We will have classes in a school and supervisors to make sure that everything runs according. To replace the teachers we will have large T.V. screens at the front of the class and that is what we will learn from. To test us they will have you do multiple choice then feed it into the T.V. and the technology inside the T.V. will correct your test. Everyone in the class will have lap-tops so that we can do all of our work on the computer and there will be no need for paper. You will hand in your homework by e-mail and everything else that requires paper." ---- William

A Better Earth
  "I believe that by the YR 3000 we will all be better people. Folks live longer healthier lives. Things will go back to basics. We will enjoy a clean earth. Water will be cleaner than crystal clear. Fruits will be as nature intended, juicy wholesome and not full of pesticides or altered genetically. Animals will be harmless and friendly to each other and people. 1000 YRS is a long time just maybe we can do it." ---- Jo

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