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Year 3000 Predictions - 6

Our visitors said:

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Tinted Contact Lenses for Everyone
  "Men and Women will all wear the same outfits in 3000. We will all have to wear tinted contact lenses because of the air pollution. Children will be smarter than their parents! " ---- Compmotors

TV with smell
  "I would like to have a smell-control button on the TV. When the great chef is preparing cuisine in the TV program, we can push the button and enjoy the smell of BBQ chicken." ---- WF

An All-You-Can-Eat Machine
  "I wish there were machines that you tell it what food you want and it will pop out!" ---- Lynque

An inflatable house
  "I would like an inflatable house!  Just press a button and it'll shrink so you can go somewhere and bring your house with you.  When you want your house to be its normal size you can just press another button and it will be its normal size." ---- Jackie

Hippy clothes??
  "I wonder how they wear that year? hippy clothes? oldies? normal tees?" ---- usakou

Clothes that change colors
 "I wish that in the year 3000 there would be clothes that would change colors and styles when you ask it to.  It could save your parents money and time.  But you can still have different clothes all the time!" ---- Maggie

The Every-fruit Tree
 "I wish there is a tree that can grow all kinds of fruit.  You want to grow different fruits on the same tree.  Each branch grows a different kind of fruit.  It grows fuits all year long and if one branch falls off, it will grow a new branch with the same kind of fruit in a week." ---- T. K.

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