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Year 3000 Predictions

What do you want to see in the future?

     In the past, we invented
jet engines, computers, soda pop, space shuttles,
and numerous things that change our way of living.

What would you like to see on the planet earth in the Year 3000?

Send us an e-mail at myweb3000@yahoo.com

(*Please create a "pen name" and limit your writing to no more than 150 words when sending in your prediction.)

Our visitors said:
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Electronic People
"There will be bionic people that can be intelligent and fast and strong and have brain wash and teleportation and mind reading." ---- Lizzie

Dream Machine
"In the year 3000 I think there will be technology that will allow you to enter what type of dream you want to have and it will give you that dream when you go to sleep." ---- Alex

Almighty Pills
"I think by the year 3000 there will be a pill that allows us to use 100% of our brains which will allow us to do the following
 -Read Minds
 -Move Things With Our Minds
 -Solve Any Problem Without Even Thinking
 -Run Faster Than Light
This Pill Could Also Cause Us To Be Immortal And Not Affected By Any Disease." ---- Jordan

"I hope that by the year 3000 most of us will have superpowers like superman and many other super heros." ---- Ivan Kiwan

Manufacturing Human Tissues
"I wish that there would be great developments in the manufacture of human tissues.   Tissue culture and stem cell technology would be advanced enough to give us a new ear with high fidelity functioning viz. a cochlea or a pinna, a new liver or kidney could be grown from our progenitor cells.  Bio-engineering would allow us to have a functional robotic limb or hand at an affordable cost, the blind could see through sensors and a chip implanted in the brain, we would be able to restore teeth with biological options rather than metal and ceramics.  There would be ways to detect mutations in our cells at earliest stages before cancerous cells develop."---- SinghS

Man Will Rebuild
 "My predictions is that Man will inevitably rebuild after a massive meteor strikes the Earth.  Every building will be knocked down.  Man will start over, but it will be smaller and more efficient buildings to withstand the heat from the sun since the Earth will be knocked off its axis and this will allow Man to make an aircraft easy to fly when the Zero gravity on Earth will change.  The gravitational pull will affect certain metals that will lift easy and be able to propel flight with no problem.  Cars, buses and motorcycles will become extinct. The only transportation will be by air.  The meteor that strikes Earth will have all the new minerals and sources that pave a new world for Earth to the existence of life.  No other planet can sustain life like Earth.  What does it matter how we got here knowing you are on a one way ticket out never to return.  What if we are created from walking Neanderthals that originally crawled out of water because it is water where life began existence for all we know and the bible tells us so." ---- alrozz

 "Assumption: By the year 2112 for every two people then living on this planet, only one child will be born.  Therefore at the end of every 100 years there will be 1/2 the number of people surviving on the earth.   Carry that out until the year 3000 and the population of the world will be what it was in the year 1000.  Who will be working to produce the needs of the small population: Hundreds of millions of Artificial Intelligent Robots." ---- SirSwindon

Underground Survival
 "I think that a meteor will go near the Earth one day and the gravitational pull will send the Earth spiraling out of the solar system.  Problems will occur, but then we will live underground and use the power of Earth's core to keep us alive.  The outside will be covered in a sheet of ice a mile thick. In the year 3000 we will develop technology that will make us able to move to another planet once the core cools down and is no longer usable. We will find other planets and live on a surface once again.  The Earth will be remembered and it will just be a random rock of ice floating through space." ---- Pablo Castro

Peace and Love
 "The year 3000, Violence would end, Mankind would stop fighting amongst themselves, Animals would reveal their true identities and We will all live in peace & love.  Nations will band together to further space exploration and the earth will be united and the gods will be pleased."---- Victor Ulloa

Global Passport and Currency
 "1) all humans on earth will have one global passport and on currency; 2) earth population reaches 35 billion;  3) poverty and hunger eradicated;  4) all natural resources of earth close to depletion;  5) with new fuel science man sets forth beyond all known boundaries and a new age of pioneers embark on establishing outposts beyond any known limits;  6) possible (highly likely) contact with intelligent alien lifeforms;  7) unknown" ----marc antonis

Adjustable-sized Phone
 "A phone's size will be adjustable - it could be the size of a bug or a computer.  Also, people will understand animals and they could understand us."---- Paola

Member of Galactic Congress
 "In 3000 AD, the aliens will have made contact; United Earth will be a member of Galactic Congress, with serving representatives on the Capital Planet in another Galactic Arm.  Venus and Mars will have been moved into the Habitable Zone and will be terraformed, with many colonists.  We will have been awarded the five habitable planets revolving around Sirius, and the one revolving around Barnard's Star, and there will be colonists there too. Advanced technology will allow us to manufacture food made from rocks.  All work will be done by robots, humans will devote their time to science and the arts. There will only be one race, and harmony will prevail. Dreams will be able to be recorded, and people will create artistic works with their thoughts.  A modified Esperanto will be the one language, and there will be one religion called Belief System. People will be happy, they won't be able to understand how we were able to live like this. "---- Mark

Food Printer
 "How about improving on printer technology to replicate foods?  I'm thinking about printing machines with the ability to heat food elements that are compiled into entrees from print cartridges that emit spice pastes, meat pastes, wheat products, vegetable products, etc.  The technology would figure out how to compile the raw materials into 3 dimensional appetizing dishes at the speed of printing out a sheet of paper.   Right now, we already have laminating machines that get hot enough to fry an egg.   It's a start. "---- Jake R. R.

Nano Tech
 "Clothing that revolutionize the future.  Clothing will be made of fibres that interact with the human body that connects to a monitoring system via nano at another location that operates a monitoring station.  The clothing will also monitor the bodyís responses via nano and makes suitable adjustments.  This regulates the bodyís temperatures and makes viable adjustment to comfort the body in even the most extreme environments.   This will also give an alarm when the bodyís in a critical state and communicate with other nano particles inside the body to heal tissues and repair them within seconds.  The clothing will be a light weight material and will be worn by most individuals.  Clothing of the future will be based more on technology rather than vanity.  Nano will become the new vanity of clothing.  How much and what the clothing can do in terms of technology will become a new style.  Nano will rule the clothing industry." ---- Nano UK

Humanoid Robots
 "In the year 3000, I reckon that the number of humanoid robots will permanently increase.   I believe that they will travel into space and help us through life.  Space will become our new world and it will be as popular as cars in the 21st century.  I believe that men will live on Mars.  Everyone will become astronauts; more planets will exist.  I donít know, but that is what I believe for the future.  Itís likely to happen."---- Jen

Teleportation System
 "My guess is that we will be able to travel thru our solar system and maybe two or three others.  We will obtain time travel via the speed of light.  We will have A.I unit robots and true virtual reality (like the Matrix only we are not slaves).  There will still be war but less death because we fight using non A.I robots and mechas(the teleportation system in effect).  There is the likely possibility of diplomatic relations with other worlds.  We will have energy beam weapons(as an example light sabers and lasers and proton cannons).  We will buy things via something better than the internet on (or in) something better than a computer and Ebay will have moved.   We will fix the Earths population by living in under water houses and floating houses (the teleportation system still in effect) and moving to other planets inside our solar system via teraforming and atmosphere creation." ----TIMESWORDSMAN

Mini Drivers?
 "My predictions for the year 3000 are that no more poverty, racism, and stress will occur in the entire world.  Retail department stores sell mini cars for toddlers to drive independently on the roads.   All of the elementary and secondary schools for children to learn subjects will have robotic teachers to teach them math, reading and writing lessons in their classrooms.   Everything is to be different from everything today.  The year 3000 may make children lazy by sitting around and doing nothing!  Kids will watch TV all day long and be stuck to computer screens constantly.  I am not to be around to see the year 3000.  Right now I am 56 years old." ---- Roberta

DNA Project to the Rescue
 "By the year 3000A.D. there is only mutants living on earth due to lack of water and the scorching temps.  The mutants can live because during yet another nuclear war they formed a heat reflective skin that heat does not penetrate. The last of Earth's population left in a galactic starship in the year 2945 only 55 years ago and are due on PENILIP4098 in another 2 years.   I just hope they have better luck than the two mission flights before them, where all the 21 thousand souls on board perished in a man made, man caused fireball. The only good thing about that was that the United Nations fleet council got to send DNA of the human kind, off far into other solar systems.  So there will be mankind alive and well on some far off distant planet, all through the DNA project invented by Danny." ---- Danny

Human vs Robots
 "I think that in the year 3000 Robots will have designed themselves to be stronger, faster, and smarter than humans; they will see us as insignificant and there will be an all-out war.  The humans will start losing as robots know more energies etc.  In a desperate attempt to win back Earth, the humans take on some of the attributes of animals and win the war (eg. a man with eagle wings, a man with bull horns, a man with a cockroaches radiation resistance) " ---- Gavonier

Waking up to Future 3000+
 "People can be frozen in animation to wake to a future for whatever they choose.
 Space stations on our planets as common as a bus stop.
 Holidays in space at an acceptable price.
 Wildlife (eg) Africa brought back to a humane level---living amongst themselves again with humans letting them flourish in Massive Nature parks.
 Electronics, a bionic part as good or better than human parts.
 Meeting Aliens becomes a regular thing, and we learn with them .
 Excursions into space, light years away.
 Humans might have to live in huge manufactured Domes, on airless worlds.
 Time travel possible.
 Able to control some of the elements, but abuse brings on mother nature's anger.
 Cruelty is a total thing of past.
 To cruise amongst the universe among the planets.
 Energy, man learns how to create and transpose waste." ----Alan

 "Many great inventions will come into play by the year 3000, but the one that will alter the human condition forever will be the "replicator."  The ability to copy any material object almost at will most certainly change the way people work, travel, politics, food production, social life, entertainment.   Many people will probably try to stop this invention, but once the idea is lost it will not be contained.   The world will be in the "post scarcity age" and life will never be the same.   For those that doubt that this invention will come, just think how impossible the personal computer would have sounded to someone from the year 1000." ---- The Highlander

A Settled World
 "The World Population will be similar to what we had in the 1800īs: less than a billion people because of our change in energy source.

The economic model will be changed from capitalism and central banking to one where money becomes just a vehicle for transactions without value of itís own and therefore no interest will be paid for it; it will be created by the user when he needs it and destroyed when he has repaid it.

People and governments will have realized that once you have all the infrastructure meaning all the houses, all the hospitals, all the parks, all the schools etc. all you need is just a maintenance economy for food, clothing and parts which could be produced with 10% of the working population. This debtless system will allow people to live without stress, have very short work weeks, a very late work force entry and a very early retirement.  It will also be ecologically friendly to this world. Overall I see a better happier and more settled world." ---- Juan

One Big Planet
 "By 3,000 we will have all the planets attached into one big planet,including the moon.  Just think ONE BIG PLANET!!!!!That would be so cool.  Our guards would be the NAVY BABYS!!HA HA!" ---- Zman

No paper money
 "In the year 3000, Credits or creds will be the main currency. No more paper money or coins." ---- Adam

Laser Hairbrush
 "I wish there could be a hairbrush that looked like a laser, but would make your hair silky and smooth." ---- Pumpkin2umpkin               

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