3-D Butterfly Magnet
3-D butterfly magnet

illustration 1

Here is how you can make a 3-D butterfly magnet for your refrigerator:

1. Cut out 2 squares and 2 long stripes from a piece of white paper (see illustration 1);
2. Color C (antenna) black on both side and D (body) another color on one side.;
3. Color square A and B diagonally any color you like (illustration 2)on one side;
4. Use accordian folding method (same as fan fold) to fold A, then B;
5. Place A on top of B and use D to wrap around A and B to tie them together,
secured with transparent tape; adjust A and B to make into butterfly wings;
6. Wrap C around a small pencil to make it curly on both end and tape to the paper butterfly as the antenna;
7. Attach a small piece of magnet to the back of the paper butterfly and it's ready for your refrigerator!

illustration 2

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