Designing Double-side Bookmarks

     This project will use Microsoft Windows Paint that comes with Windows operating system.  To locate the Paint program, click on the "Start" button on your desktop menu, then Program> Accessories.  If you don't have Paint, then try other painting programs with similar functions.


     1. Open your favorite clip-art file with Paint;
     2. Print the picture;
     3. Select the whole picture using Edit>Select All on the top menu bar;
     4. On the menu bar, select Image>Flip horizontal;
     5. Print the flipped picture;
     6. Tape the printed picture to a piece of cardboard paper and cut out the shape;
     7. Glue the two pictures to different sides of the cardboard paper, punch a hole on the top, and tie a ribbon.

     Here are two ways to use pictures on the Internet (Please make sure that they are not copyright-protected before you do this)

     1. If you have a painting software that can open most Internet picture files (.jpg and .gif formats), then place your cursor over the picture and right-click the mouse button.  When the menu pops up, select "save image or picture as".  Save the picture file to your hard disk and open it with the painting software.
     A free trial version of Paint Shop Pro 8 may be downloaded at and can be used to do the job.

    2. If your painting software can't open Internet picture files, then try this method to save the picture:
      (1) On your keyboard, look for the "Print Screen" button.  Press the button to copy the whole screen;
      (2) Start Windows' Paint program and select File>New to open a blank page;
      (3) Select Edit>Paste from the top menu to paste the whole picture onto the new screen.

Click here for ready-to-print double-side bookmark

Click here for pictures for designing your own animal-shaped bookmarks


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