Kites   kite

How to make a kite:

kite sample
Illustration 1: front of kite
back of kite
Illustration 2: back of kite

1. Select a pattern for the kite: butterfly pattern      dinosaur pattern
2. Use a large piece of white tissue paper to trace the pattern;
3. Color the kite and cut it out from the tissue paper;
4. Glue paper ribbons to decorate and strengthen
the edges of the kite ;
5. Ask an adult to help you use cutter or razor-blade to split a 12-inch bamboo skewer lengthwise (AB and CD) and tape the two thin sticks onto the back of the kite as shown in illustration 2.
6. Cut a 24 in X 2 in. tail from colored tissue paper and use transparent tape to attach it to the back of the kite.

*Bamboo skewers are available in the kitchen aisle in supermarkets.

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