The Magic of Artistic Paper Cuts

Add elegance and a cultural touch to your home and office.
Create class projects for your students or unique gifts for your valued customers...

crane paper cut panda paper cut Chinese paper cut

What are Chinese paper cuts?

Some call it cutpaper.  Some call it paper cut.
It is a popular folk art in both ancient and modern China.
In 2009, this 1500 year-old traditional folk art was inscribed by UNESCO on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

The paper cuts showcased in this website are hand-carved and hand-painted on thin rice paper.
The design of each motif is an unbroken continuious piece connected by delicate and clever lines. 
Their bright and vivid colors made them ideal decorators.
People often use the smaller ones to create greeting cards, photo album decorations, bookmarks, posters, picture magnets or even wedding announcements.
The larger ones can be used with picture frames to create wall decorations as gifts for the loved ones.

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