Chinese paper cuts

Create unique crafts and artwork!

Although we are no longer selling paper cuts, we still love the craft and maintain this page for our visitors so that they can see up-close and appreciate the magnificent traditional artworks.
Below are some of the paper cuts we have sold in the last 19 years.  Enjoy!

Larger paper cuts (5x9 in. - 14x26 in.)
fancy fans
fairies I
fairies II
adorable kids
long life immortal
eight immortals
bird & flower

the noble plants
flower and butterfly
nine dragons animals of blessing


Smaller paper cuts (3x4 in. -5x5 in.)


vase            colorful flowers    


ox      colored pig     

frog     deer

goldfish      horse      B/W horse    

little monkey     little birds I      little birds II

 cranes      goat     pandas I    

pandas II      red pig

peacock     rooster         butterfly


longlife     celebration    

people and landscape:     

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