Making Crafts with Paper Cuts


I.   Use non-liquid-type glue sticks such as those found in the school/office supplies stores. 
II.  Keep your hands dry when working with paper cuts.
III. To paste the paper cut onto a greeting card: 
      1. Apply a thin and even layer of glue on the greeting card. 
      2. Carefully place the paper cut onto the card and press it lightly.

**DO NOT apply the glue to the paper cut itself!  
**MAKE SURE the position is correct before pasting the paper cut onto the card.
**DO NOT lift up the paper cut once it is pasted onto the card.
**PROTECT paper cuts from moisture and avoid placing framed artworks directly under the sun so that they won't discolor because of extensive exposure to sunlight.



1. Unique greeting cards:
    Chinese paper cuts look great on bright white paper. 
    The 3x4 in. or 4x5 in. paper cuts are excellent for making greeting cards for Mother's & Father's Day, birthday, and other occasions.   This panda design is a good choice for Mother's Day card.
    Also, the Chinese Zodiac paper cuts, another set sold here, can be used to make very special birthday cards for people who were born in certain years.

2. See-through bookmarks:
    Paper cuts looked the same from the front and the back.
    To make a special bookmark of floating picture, instead of pasting a piece of paper cut onto paper, we can place it between two clear plastic sheets; then seal the edges or laminate and cut along the outline to make an unique bookmark.

3. Framed artwork:
    Paper cuts can be pasted onto papers, then inserted into picture frames. 
    For example, the 6x9 in. flower & bird design will look great for decoration. 
    They can also be used on see-through photo frames.  Paper cuts looked the same on the back and front, so they look great in frames with glasses on both sides.

    Smaller paper cuts can be used as frame decorator such as the one shown in the picture below. 
    Here, instead of putting the paper cut in the middle, we put it at the corner and turn a plain photo frame into an interesting one. 


4. Magnetic picture: 
    Paste the paper cut onto a piece of card paper or foam sheet and wrap it with clear plastic wrap.  Tape a piece of magnetic strip to the back, and it's ready to decorate your refrigerator! 
    (Magnetic strips or sheets are available at craft stores for a low cost.) 

5. Christmas tree trimming, calendars, and other decorations:

6. Personal collection:
    Since each set of paper cut has its own special design and old designs may not be available again, why not start a collection of these magnificient artworks? 
    Put the paper cut on a piece of bright white paper and carefully insert the paper into a clear sheet protector as you would with school reports. 
    The Avery quick-load sheet protectors* are easier to use for this purpose.   Place all the sheet protectors into a binder and proudly display your collection. 

    (The sheet protectors are available at office supply stores.) 

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